Terms of Use

We provide basic listing of products and services on this site free of charge. Only products & services sold in Maldives by users residing in Maldives can be listed on this site.

You can list as many products and services as you need provided they are legal in Maldives. You also need to ensure you have the right to sell these items and you have them available for sale. Please do not list items you do not have, or do not intend to sell. Below is a partial list of prohibited items:
- Intoxicants of any nature including alcoholic beverages and drugs
- Tobacco products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, hookah & accessories.
- Electronic cigarettes and accessories
- Dating and adult services
- Pornographic material, nudity, and products and materials that are obscene or adult in nature
- Listings that contain text and images that are offensive to users
- Prescription drugs and devices
- Supplements that make misleading treatment claims
- Referral ads
- Easy money making "get rich", pyramid and "online money making" schemes
- Stolen, counterfeit and pirated goods (eg. copy movies and software)
- Non-original products labeled as Original
- Other classifieds and online shopping sites. Listing title, description or image should not contain address of your own classifieds or online shopping site.
- Currency

You should not list duplicate listings either in the same or different categories. Items can be re-listed earliest every 5 days after deleting the first one.  Repeatedly listing the same item before that may result in your listing being marked as spam and not approved. We reserve the right not to approve listings from such users, disable all already approved listings, suspend account or put a limit on the number of listings that can be listed.

Submitting same listings under multiple accounts is not allowed.

Your username should not contain vulgar, abusive or offensive words. Username cannot contain obscenity, profanity, another party's brand/trademark or the word "ibay"

An account once registered, cannot be deleted. It can be deactivated on customer request. Only one account per mobile number is allowed. If your registered mobile number changes, you have to update the number on your ibay user account. If it is not updated, we reserve the right to disable the account or edit the mobile number field of your ibay account. If it is not updated, the new owner of your old number maybe able to get access to your ibay account.

Accounts should only be registered for own use. User is responsible for all activities and transaction for the account.

If an account has been inactive (no login) for more than five years, we reserve the right to cancel the account. In this case, your account maybe deleted and your username maybe taken by other users.

Selling items under an existing brand/trade name is not allowed unless you are the owner of the brand/trade name. If such violations happen, we will transfer the account ownership to the rightful owner upon proof of ownership.

The account you create on ibay.com.mv can be used to login into other sites managed by ibay.

Buyers and sellers can use the site for the purpose of buying and selling. Buyers should contact sellers and ensure and agree on all terms of trade, including delivery and payment options. We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising from transactions related to listings on this site.

We reserve the right to reject any listings which we deem inappropriate to be published on this site. If we deem a listing to be unrealistic, we deserve the right to reject it.

Listings should not contain misleading pictures and description. We may edit them if they are deemed misleading. We may also change images which we feel are not appropriate or indecent, including removing it completely or changing the order of the image so that it may not appear as the first image, especially on the front page.

YouTube videos relevant to the listing can be included by entering the video ID when adding listings. YouTube embed code should not be entered in the description.

We shall not be liable for any indirect, or consequential loss of whatever nature arising out of or in connection with your use of the website (including without limitation, any such loss arising out of or in connection with any sale or purchase of goods/services listed on this site). You agree to indemnify us against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of these Terms of Service by you. We may terminate your use of the website immediately if we consider that you have breached these Terms of Service.

We take sale of stolen goods on ibay seriously. We will provide our full support to investigating authorities on such cases. This will include, but not limited to, information we have about the seller (email, phone number, ip address etc).

Users should not place orders and place feedback/rating on products listed under their accounts through accounts owned by them or related users for the purpose of increasing feedback score and rating. If any such actions come to our notice, the accounts will be suspended immediately.

Refunds & Returns
For services provided by iBay, like listing featuring, highlight, priority listing and Attention Getters there is no return or refund, unless service is not received by customer.

For products sold by different sellers on iBay, please agree on the Refunds & Returns Policy with the seller before you make the purchase decision and make payment.

  • By Placing an item on auction, you agree:
    • to sell it only to the highest bidder if there is a winning bid for the auction (i.e. highest bid exceeds your Reserve Price) as long as the bid winner complies with your posted terms
    • not to sell it outside of the auctioning system
    • not to withdraw the item before the auction closes
    • not to place bids on your own items, either by yourself or through others to increase the price with no intention of buying
    • Failure to honor a successful auction will result in you from being blocked from future auctions
  • By placing a bid on an auction, you agree:
    • to purchase the item at the bid price should your bid becomes the winning bid, and as long as the Seller complies with the posted terms
    • that you understand all terms of trade for the item and agree to it
    • Failure to honor a successful auction will result in you from being blocked from future auctions
Failure to comply with our Terms of Use will result in your account being suspended.

These terms are updated constantly and may change without notice. Please also read our Listing Policy which is also per of our Terms of Use.
Our address is iBay, Orchidmaage, Fuvahmulah, Maldives. Tel: +960 9784229
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